Friday, April 17, 2009

Swim Lessons, Phones, Itsy Bitsy Spiders and Easter

Lots of cute little moments with Teddy recently. He just began swim lessons at the Y (Thank you Grammy Nancy!) So, he is now a little pro at 1 2 3 JUMP! Still working on the whole keeping our mouth shut under water thing! Will post a video soon.

These days, everything is a phone. He'll hold up our cell phones, the remote control, pieces of plastic fruit, his own hand, etc to his ear and has his own little conversation. Sometimes you can make out "Hi!" But, its mostly Teddy language. So cute!

Every month or so, Teddy will pick a song that he'll repeat the actions to if we sing to him. You can tell that he knows other ones. But, he'll only do one at a time. It all started with, "Open, Shut them, Open, Shut them." Then, it was all about, "How big is Teddy? SO BIG!" Now, he'll do the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Tonight, there was a toy at church which played the song over and over again. Every time it got to, "Out came the sun and dried up all the rain," Teddy would do the action and look around to make sure that everyone was looking and approving of his brilliance. Love it! Looking forward to what is next!

Easter this year was a very nice event. The egg hunt was huge and a ton of work. We had 10,000 eggs in addition to lots of other activities. But, it was wonderful and so fun to be a part of. Teddy had a good time picking up eggs and putting them in his basket and then taking them out again. My Dad came up to celebrate with us. Even though it felt like something was missing, it really was a nice holiday. I keep having to remind myself that my Mom is not really gone. But, she is with me all the time. Just hard... I know how much she would have loved everything.

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