Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

april 4, 2009

for our family, there is nothing particularly significant about today. for us, there is not really an inspirational reason for me to enter into the world of blogging. ryan is fishing a few charters in south florida. teddy is visiting his grandparents and auntie trac. i'm spending the evening watching food network and hanging out with our dogs, grouper and minnow.

yet, today, i begin our blogging adventures in honor and homage to another little blue eyed boy who touched the lives of so many. through his mommy's blog, i was blessed with the gift of knowing little ethan tillmann and was able to offer words of solace to his grieving family. today, ethan reminded me of the gift that is each moment of our lives.

and so, here i go into the world of blogging. hopefully i'll be able to keep up as well as others and share with those who read it the wonderful daily adventures of teddy and the gang.

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