Friday, February 4, 2011


Our dog Grouper has had quite the week. About two years ago, he slipped discs in his back and had major surgery. The whole experience happened again this week. But, we feel like it is too much to put us all through again to do the surgery. So, our buddy Groups is on crate rest and a lot of meds to see if he improves at all. But, he is basically paralyzed right now. We are in wait and see mode which is always so hard.

Grouper is such a great family dog, as long as you don't touch his feet. Stealer of socks... Best dog to watch eat a clementine... Best friend to Minnow... Gives great "dog hugs"... Great floor cleaner... Weird fascination with licking legs...Stealer of blankets and pillows... Always a friend to keep us company outside the shower....

Praying for you buddy...

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