Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Make Brownie Pops

Here is a little picture tutorial of how I made brownie pops. One box of brownie mix yields about 30 pops if you use a small ice cream scoop. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, a variety of sprinkles and coffee stirrers as lollipop sticks.
1. Bake brownies as directed on box. Let cool slightly.
2. While still warm, scoop and form into balls using an ice cream scoop and your hands.
3. Dip the stirrers into the melted chocolate and insert into the brownie ball while still warm. Pop in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.
4. Use a spoon to help ladle the chocolate over the brownie. Cover the brownie completely (The hardest part is covering the brownie pop in chocolate without the brownie falling off the stick.)
5. Set on wax paper or silpat. Sprinkle with desired topping.
6. Let cool completely in fridge.

Later, I made the pops with white chocolate chips and I think I prefer those better. Here are the pics:

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